"I highly recommend Julie Kenney with Chamelon Wellness! Julie was so instrumental in helping me see much more clearly when I was dealing with the fog of learning about CIRS. She really got me (and my whole family) pointed in the right direction as far as what our next steps would be. I have a lot more confidence about how to care for my family's health."



Susan E.

Regional Director,
People & Culture


"Julie is an exceptional coach. She listens without judgement and then provides guidance based on your specific needs and her deep expertise and knowledge. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. She will undoubtedly help you make a difference in your life. She made a big difference in mine. I couldn’t feel healthier."



Lisa R.

Personal Trainer


"As an ACSM certified personal trainer and a self-described health fanatic, I thought I had a good handle on my own health. I have surrounded myself with like-minded professionals who approach life from a more natural and holistic way. In short, I felt knowledgeable. Then things changed, I was not feeling myself and it was progressively getting harder to get answers from my own doctors. Then came Julie, my health coach, her knowledge and guidance helped me to find answers. She encouraged and supported me throughout the process of finding the old me again! She continues to help me understand new things about myself while teaching me how to take responsibility for my health. I learn something new every session. So grateful for her!"



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