About Julie


"Like a chameleon, I have had to adapt and change in order to move forward into better health."

I started health coaching because of my own health struggles. Several years ago, I became very ill quite suddenly with a mold-related illness (CIRS), as well as an exacerbation of an existing asthma condition, and hypothyroidism.

My doctors let me down. They either did not want to deal with me, or in some cases harmed me, and made my conditions worse in the process. I realized that they were never going to really help me, or even try to find out the root cause of my illness. At my lowest point, I wanted to give up. It was then that a friend encouraged me to read a couple of books that she heard could be helpful. That is what started me on this journey.

As I researched, I was amazed by how much solid scientific knowledge and information was out there. I was also appalled that my doctors seemed to be so oblivious/ignorant/not concerned with the existence of this research, research that was found so easily. For the next two years, I continued to read and research voraciously, and was able to wean myself off of my asthma medications, lose weight, and with the help of some more progressive and open-minded clinicians was finally able to defeat my mold illness once and for all.

During this time, I also discovered I had Hashimoto’s disease. Through some simple lifestyle changes, food and supplements, I was able to push this disease into remission. I was so excited with my results that I was eager to share my success with everyone, and indeed I had many people around me asking for my advice, wondering how I managed to accomplish what I did.

That is when I first thought about becoming a health coach. It seemed a logical choice, as this journey had already given me back a life I loved, bringing about a whole-life change that was truly chameleon-like in its remarkability.

I am now a Functional Medicine Health Coach, a graduate of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). In this discipline, we believe in treating the person as a whole, and finding the root cause of the problem – unlike many conventional doctors, who would prefer to just treat the symptoms.

Prior to this, I had been in the IT business for over 20 years, and have held various IT management positions before starting my own company, Chameleon IT, in 2000. As the name implies, I am in a constant state of change, learning, developing, and adapting to my surroundings in order to make the most of the gifts I have been given.

After educating myself about my health issues, I have been on a wild ride with the healthcare system. During this time, I had to learn to help myself, and have since become a passionate advocate for functional medicine. 

"I became a health coach in order to help others, so they don't have to go it alone like I did. Know this: I have been, and still am in your shoes."

How I can help yOU Live a better, healthier lifestyle


I know what it is like to be ill, and to have to change your lifestyle. I know what it feels like to be lost, overwhelmed and ignored by doctors. I understand the toll it takes psychologically.

•  My only interest is in helping you
•  I can help break down confusing health info into smaller pieces
•  I can help you incorporate small changes into your life for better health
•  I take into account your lifestyle and responsibilities
•  I will work with you to achieve the results you are after



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