Prism Program

5 sessions for $400


Are you ready for a positive change?

Like a chameleon changes its colors, you too can start your transformation towards better health.

The Prism Program helps you to explore a new way of living. During our five sessions, we will review your situation in depth, and develop a program that addresses your concerns and helps you achieve your specific goals.



What you get in the Prism Program


60-minute intake session 

I will review different aspects of your wellness to gain a better understanding of your overall goals. Our first meeting always begins with a video conference, or a phone session, whichever you would prefer.

During this time, you are invited to share any concerns regarding the current state of your health, and ask as many questions as you like on how coaching can help.


You will also receive

•      A comprehensive wellness assessment
•      Hormonal, digestive, sleep or stress assessment
•      Personalized one-on-one coaching
•      4 X 45-minute sessions
•      Session summaries sent to you via email
•      Personalized goal tracking and accountability
•      Compassionate support that empowers you



begin your transformation TODAY