Analysis Paralysis

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You know you need to change, but you just can't get started…

Or you feel overwhelmed...

Or you actually have too many options and don't know what to choose…

Any or all of these can keep people stuck or in "analysis paralysis"

Every day in my coaching practice, I see this. Many people know what they need to do, but just can't get started. I also see people who have too many options or are given conflicting medical advice and don't know what to choose.

No matter the reason or circumstance, in the end you are just stuck in that rut or in bad habits that no longer serve you.

As we are just out of January, where we made all those fabulous and ambitious resolutions that may already be collecting dust, I want to give you a couple of tips to get you started.

First, be honest with yourself!

You can justify anything to yourself and to others. Don't keep saying "I should lose 10 lbs"  or " I should get more sleep".

If you are "shoulding" all over yourself,  take note.  Maybe you aren't ready to lose the 10 lb. It's okay, if you are not ready. Acknowledge it and move onto something else you may have more of an interest in tackling.

Take small steps

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Small steps or changes lead to bigger ones - even if they seem unrelated.

For example, I was feeling stuck myself.  They were many personal things/ self-care I had put off.  I was too busy taking care of others.  Sound familiar?   

Now I have many things that have been building up and it seemed overwhelming. I decided to start small and the first thing that I would do is to get some new glasses.  At the time, my current ones were old, scratched and rickety.  After I accomplished that it felt good and energized me for another change.  I moved on to replacing my ancient cell phone.   One change led to another and I started to get on a roll and embraced the changes I was making.

Not every decision or change will be a winner, but if you can accept that and treat it as a learning experience you will be more apt to take the step.

For those people who are looking to lose weight, a small first step could be something like giving up soda.  Or if sleep is eluding you, then going to bed 15 minutes earlier could be the positive trigger you need.

Get Help

If you need extra help, that is what a health coach is for.  In my practice, I regularly help people break down big wellness goals into smaller steps that will fit into their life/ situation.  We set the goals together and the extra accountability it brings is invaluable.  Many clients have told show me that they were spurred on to accomplish a goal simply because they wanted to report back a victory.

Navigating Conflicting Medical Advice

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So often I have clients who are trying to reconcile conventional medical advice and functional medical advice . Unfortunately, the two worlds often don't agree. I have seen conventional doctors yell and sometimes predict dire consequences to their patients who may be trying something a little different.  It's sad more practitioners are not open-minded or willing to learn, but it does happen.  In this circumstance, you need to do your best to educate yourself. Don't just rely on what a doctor says - do your homework.  This is your body and your health.  You are in charge.  You should and can be your own best advocate.

That being said, a health coach can help you navigate these medical quagmires. My only interest is in being your advocate and to help support your decision.

At the end of the day you must decide what resonates with you and then make that small step or change towards your goal.

And remember no decision is a decision!

If you refuse to take action, put your head in the sand or go into denial because you don't, can't or won't make a decision - that inaction comes with consequences.

I had a close family member who was very ill. They believed that the necessary treatment would probably not work for them and would not listen to those around them that encouraged them. They also thought they had more time to pull the trigger and make the necessary changes.  By the time they were ready, the disease has progressed too far and they were no longer eligible to receive the necessary treatment.

Their inaction became a decision they couldn't undo.

Personally, I like to take action to improve my circumstances and not just hope things will get better.

So if you want to make a change in your life - start small

Or get a health coach to help you! You can sign up for a free 15-minute consult today using this simple link: Sign up for a free consult. Don't wait - get help.

Once you get going, you could create a positive snowball effect.

Ready? Set!  Go!

Julie Kenney