The Promise of 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

Ah the promise of a new year…. Did you wake up this morning determined to have a better year than last year?  You are not alone.  This time of year lends itself to a reflection of last year and what you want to be different in the new year.  Approximately, 40% of us make new year’s resolutions.

And the hope is that this year that you finally do it!  But only a fraction of people actually accomplish their goals.

“The end of the calendar year represents the completion of one cycle and the start of another. It’s a time to let go of the past and to free ourselves from that which no longer serves our highest good. – Dr. Joe Dispenza”

What happens between today where you are full of good intentions and accomplishing your resolutions and next week when you return to your old ways???

As a health coach, I help people make positive behavioral changes.  For the most part, people know what they want to change and/or know what they need to do, but just don’t.  Why is that?


In my experience it usually comes down to the following issues:

Resolutions are not Goals

Many times a resolution is stated something like this: “I would like to lose 20 pounds”.  You know,  the usual weight loss resolution.  About January 7th, that resolution is long forgotten. What happened?  One reason is that a resolution declared in that way is a wish when it needs to be a goal.

What’s the difference?  A wish is granted – it just happens to you.  It’s passive on your part.  One minute you have an extra 20 pounds and then as if by magic it’s gone!  Although it would be great to lose weight that way – its not reality.

On the other hand a goal is specific, measurable and time bound.  You work for it.  And you know what steps you will take to get there.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail – Benjamin Franklin”

Most times a resolution is maybe something you think about – maybe even you utter it to those friends and family around you, but you don’t plan on how you will make it happen.  So it doesn’t.

A better goal in this case may be: “I will cut out sugar, dairy and gluten for the next 30 days starting tomorrow”.  That is specific – you know what you will not be eating.  Measurable – did you eat any of these three items?  And time bound – you are doing it for the next 30 days.

Even this goal could be broken down further.  Perhaps you need to plan how you are going to cut these items out?  For instance, do you need to clean out your pantry to get rid of these foods?  Do you need to go grocery shopping to buy food you can eat? 


Lack of Support

While you may be gung-ho on making a new change, your family and friends may not be on board.  Without the support its makes it harder to succeed.  I didn’t say impossible – just harder.

I see this all the time as a health coach.  In fact, part of my role is to help support you when you feel alone.

This can make for some hard choices.  In the case of your friends, it can be hurtful if they are not supportive.  Unfortunately, not everyone around you is interested in seeing you improve. If you have a new interest or want to live healthier, but your friends aren’t on board, if may be time to get some new friends.

 “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.- Jim Rohn

Surround yourself with people who you aspire to be, who inspire you to be more and become a better version of yourself.

So join that yoga class, meet some new people who have the same interest and make some new friends.

It doesn’t fit into your life

Resolutions made in the dark midnight hours of New Year’s eve may not survive the harsh light of January 1st due to incompatible lifestyle requirements.  Do you resolve to work out in the morning, but need to get the kids off to school instead? Or want to do weightlifting workouts at home, but don’t have the space? Or eat all organic foods, but don’t know how to cook?

These may be great ideals to strive for, but you are not in the position to achieve them now.  Instead, meet yourself where you are at.  Maybe you can’t workout in the morning, but what about before dinner?  Instead of weightlifting at home maybe join a gym or start with a set of dumbbells. For organic foods, you may want to take a cooking class first or use a food service.

All too often it’s all or nothing.  Instead of taking that intermediate step, people do nothing.  Or they are unwilling to make the hard choices to make the changes in their lives that would allow them to achieve their goals.

When working with clients, I help them to work with where they are now so they can progress to where they want to be.

smart collage.jpg

There are too many

10 resolutions are probably 10 too many.  Who could keep track and keep focus while trying to live a life?  Not many people.  And this is another reason that your best of intentions crumble after a week.

Do a few things well instead of a lot things crappy.  That is my inelegant way of saying that when working with clients I usually have them pick 1-3 short-term goals and do those well.  Focus, be specific and work at it. When you have made those changes you can always re-evaluate and add some additional goals.  To make a change into a habit you need to be doing it for at least 21 days.  So take time and care before you add to your plate.

The gap between fantasy and reality

Want to be the next the American Ninja Warrior?  Who doesn’t?

Want to put in all of the hard work, long hours, time away from your family, injuries and possible lost income?  Hmmmmm… maybe not.

You see it would be great if we could just leapfrog over the blood, sweat and tears necessary to get to the end goal.  But you can’t.

And that is why not everyone is an American Ninja Warrior.  If everyone could do it – it would be easy.

“When you are going through hell – keep going.  – Winston Churchill”

It’s also a good litmus test as to how badly you want something. If you aren’t willing to take a chance and sacrifice for a major end goal, the truth is you probably never wanted it badly enough.  You liked the idea of it, but not the process to get there.  And that’s o.k.  Knowing what you want – really want – helps you to focus and spend your precious time on the right goals for you.

When I see a client consistently avoiding a goal, it can sometime be due to this.

Jumpstart 2018!


If you are determined to make some long awaited changes in 2018, take heed of these potential pitfalls.

Sometimes getting some extra help can make all of the difference.  That is why I am offering the JumpStart Program

What does the JUMPSTART Program give you?

1.     One hour with a Health Coach who can help you clearly define goals that are measurable and achievable.

2.     You will co-create 3-5 goals as well as the initial steps as to how to get started.

3.     The goals and steps will be personalized to your situation.

4.     The goals are written up for you and sent to you after the session.

This not a long term commitment – it’s just one hour.  Spending one hour to get you on your way to a successful 2018 is a small investment with potentially big pay offs.

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Here’s to a new year and another chance to make positive, lasting changes!

Happy New Year!






Julie Kenney